Thumbs Up Releases New Touch Speaker

Thumbs Up create innovative gadgets for many types of geeks, and their latest product is called the Touch Speaker, no wires, or syncing needed, this is one of the first portable speakers to use NearFA (near field audio) which is basically a connection than can be detected and recognised in the near field area. So i could walk in my living room play some music and simply put it on this speaker and it will play loud, good quality music with no cables or hassle. Pretty snazzy right!?

With a lightweight modern design finished in a grey silicone protector, this speaker will become your ultimate music travel companion which will not only sound great, but also look great, it looks very sexy with the white iPhone 5, im not going to lie! Whopping a powerful 2.5W x 2 RMS output, the Touch Speaker is compatible with most iOS devices as well as Android and other phones containing an inbuilt mobile speaker. There is also an optional 3.5mm jack connection to ensure you will always have the option to amplify sound on the go. The Touch Speaker takes 3 x AA Batteries. But can it take on the X-Mini Portable Speaker which has blown away customers? Hopefully we will be getting a sample in for review fairly soon, so keep you eyes on the site.

The Touch Speaker will be available in January 2013 RRP £29.99

Could this take on most of the portable speakers on the market? Stay tuned as TechBoom may be getting there hands on one for review. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to… @TechBoomTV, you know what to do.

Brandon Saltalamacchia

Brandon Saltalamacchia

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