Top 10 Video Game Heroes

A hero can be anyone, and most people have a hero; And NO the good looking one from One Direction does not count ! EVER! A hero is defined as what the Greek mythology call a Demigod which is the son of one mortal parent and one immortal parent, the best example would be Hercules. Lets face it though, hes not gonna be in my top 10! Sorry Zeus! But basically whoever we are, however great we are we’re all holding out for a hero woah! hold the phone, calm down Bonnie Tyler fans! she is also not in there….

10 – Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy)

Super Meat Boy was originally a flash game in 2008, but got so popular appeared on XBLA( Xbox Live Arcade) in October 2010, then on PC in November. The game is very simple, you control a red block that is in fact a block of meat, and you are rescuing your girlfriend Bandage Girl from the games Villain: DR. Fetus. Basically the game is made up of obstacles and is as long as your desire to hold the fastest completion times. It is all about well timed jumps and precise timing. The thing is with this game, before you reach level 30 of 300 you will have probably died 3,000 times already, well a hero needs to be persistent, and well this guy is, and still looks positive towards life it self, even if a massive robot appears from no where with massive chainsaws! He is really quirky and takes me back to basics. Very early Mario style, or forget that, just plain Nintendo style.

9 – Yoshi

This little green dinosaur sometimes known as a dragon, debuted in 1990 as Mario and Luigi’s sidekick, he should not be underestimated though as we all found out in Yoshi’s island where we got to help Mario out. He appears in just about any spin off Mario game, and is never far from sight. On the cuteness scale this hero rates very high, but sadly that is not all that is needed to be a hero. He is a famous character that most would recognize and would always be there for Mario. He is friendly charismatic and always ready to go and save the day, he is also not a very picky eater as well!

8 – Banjo and Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie was a platform game released in 1998 and later released as an Xbox Live Arcade game in 2008. The game consists of nine open world levels. I would not stretch as far to say they are sand box but they are pretty damn near sandbox. You would have to do tasks and events in each level like collect puzzle pieces that could be  hard to reach or just guarded by enemies that you would have to out wit. The game was widely popular and sold nearly 2 million in the US. But lets face it again cuteness factor, HELLO? A little happy bear running around with the cutest red bird in his backpack! Need I say more? They work together as a team to overthrow the evil, ugly Gruntilda. Together they are the perfect combo, Banjoo does all the running around collecting the puzzle pieces, while Kazooie helps by using her ability to fly and peck with a sharp beak! Together unbeatable.

7 – Crash Bandicoot

This great series once started as a Sony PlayStation exclusive in 1996 moved on to many platforms producing many spin offs. Up to last year there was a recording of 18 total games. The game is famously a platformer, but other spin offs dive into other genres. The main objective is to get through levels without dying trying to get to the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. This cheeky character was also quite a mascot and the very image for PlayStation as well, all be it the Sony president said the game was”crap”. This game was simple, and cheeky, I mean lets face it, a game designed for a young audience with its bright colors and a victory dance of pelvic thrusting. Everyone should know this character in some way, and if they don’t should grab the nearest gaming console and check him out.

6 – Master Chief (Halo)

Master Chief is the hero of the popular first person shooter Halo, full name being Master Chief Petty Officer John- 117, voiced by DJ Steve Downes. A proud symbol for the Halo series, a faceless cybernetically enhanced super solider, and never ever seen without his famous green helmet. This is the guy you call on when everything is lost. He fights against the odds. He uses brute force,  and clears a path whatever is in front of him be it a building or a 1,000 covenant’s ready to mow him down, and moves anything that gets in the way, using whatever tools he can find along the way to get the job done. All be it this guy is a new hero, he is quickly becoming part of that hall of fame alongside Sonic, Mario, and such others; and just as recognizable. Although he is not intelligent, playful, or charismatic, he is doing something that is quickly making him a famous hero; which can be hard to do in a modern unforgiving world.

5 – Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft is such a famous hero it is unreal! She is of course the main character from the Square Enix series Tomb Raider, in which you will run away killing various things, solving some of the hardest puzzles you could ever dream of. There is a few games of this but she first appeared in 1996, and since then has been in a few more games and had some films inspired by the game series. This girl is BAD ASS! She will not be waiting around to be rescued, she does everything herself and is absolutely relentless. She is the original Nathon Drake. And she is better! Arguably one of the best looking female characters around. Sexy, Intelligent, a thirst for knowledge and adventure, and can handle a gun or two. With the creators about to mix the genre up for the first time in the latest Tomb Raider being released in March, will she go from Hero to Zero?

4 – Duke Nukem

The one and only Duke first appeared on our screens in 1991. Since then he has starred in many sequels and has just been bought by Gearbox Software. “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum” This pretty much sums up Duke; one BAD ASS mofo not to be messed with. Whilst the games he appeared in were never the best, arguably some of the worst games around actually, you still could not deny the fact that this guy was cool and everything you wanted a video game hero to be. Always bet on duke, right? Well he does not win my top 10, but I just think he is cool, the problem is with Duke is that he is stuck in the 1990’s and sweats, breaths and lives chauvinistic sexism from his mouth.

3 – Mario

Is there any point describing Mario? he is not only famous for his games series, but known world wide as the mascot for Nintendo, a hero in his own right. Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong but was seen as one of the most human like video game characters. He is Italian and a plumber, short and fat and had a endless amount of likeability about him. He has appeared in over 200 video games since his first in 1981. He is constantly rescuing that hot bitch Princess Peach from that pesky Bowser, very repetitive. Every time you pick up a Mario game you will instantly know what you are going to be tasked with and know the layout of the game. To be fair Mario and Bowser are the modern day David and Goliath, always having to overpower by doing quick jumps or sliding under him and just generally out witting him. Where Bowser is big and hard hitting, you are small and quick. At the end of day it does not matter what year it is, what game it is your playing, or what console your playing it on, Everyone wants to see Mario win! And he does every day of the week.

2 – Gordan Freeman (Half life series)

A highly intellectual scientist, who becomes a test experiment is thrown into a world taken over by aliens at his companies own fault. A least likely hero is what we have here, is famous among the last remaining humans, and is up to him to save the world against these new species and the ruthless army with unknown ambitions. As a way of making the player become Gordan he does not speak, and no mission briefings or cut scenes – all the action comes directly through Gordan’s eyes, which is awesome! And perhaps new games should take note of this…(or did Dishonored do this?) All be it whatever your tasked with doing in this game from killing zombie scientists to baby alien monster’s then finding there mothers, one thing does not change in Gordan Freeman’s life; he does not really ever know whats going on. A man who just wants to be a normal dude(we think), seen as a God by strangers, more confused than the people he is saving, and of course always fights against the odds with no back up.

1 – Link (The Legend Of Zelda series)

Link is most famous for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of time, but has appeared in a lot of different things including comics, television shows and of course games. Link is usually pictured as a child or young teenager. His main enemy is Ganon, but will fight a various amount of monsters in each game, with his main aim to usually save Princess Zelda. In almost every fight with Ganon you will need your trusty light arrows and your Master Sword, a set of weapons that you will never start with but will pick up along the way. For over 25 years now, link has taken the journey and earned his right at the number one spot in out top 10. His every move makes him the ultimate hero, a monster vanquishing machine, a green cloth wearing boy steps out from the shadows every day without thinking about his life for one second only caring about keeping everything light and happy with chirpy music. Sometimes looking unenthusiastic but nonetheless in control of more things that you would think. He is the bearer of the Triforce of Courage and never turns away a challenge, is never scared of anything except maybe Ganon. Link is the absolute hero of all heroes, and is remembered well by anyone who is young now or old with so many games spreading across so many different platforms.


That is my top 10, I think we can all agree that most people would find these in their own list perhaps in a different order though. Nonetheless all these guys step forward and make that roll of a hero ring true.

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